The power of play

Researchers have been telling us for years that playing is not only a vital part of any childhood, but it is also crucial for children’s social, cognitive, and physical development. 

Play is so important in fact, that it has been recognised as a fundamental right for all children around the world, laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Further, the United Nations General Assembly has declared that from 2024, the International Day of Play will be celebrated annually on June 11th.

A global consultation with over 25,000 children in 36 countries explored some of the barriers to play experienced around the world, and the reasons why children themselves believe play to be important. 

The survey has found that up 73% of children don’t believe us adults take play seriously – and it’s our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and practitioners to make sure children know that we see and value the benefits of play as much as they do.  

When unable to play, many children lose motivation for other activities, including studying. Perhaps most significantly, 71% of respondents answered that play is important because ‘it makes me happy’ – and isn’t that reason enough? 

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