Social Media and Promotion Kit

Words Grow Minds stands on the shoulders of an incredible coalition of early years services committed to clear and consistent messaging for young families and building brighter futures for all South Australian children. We want this campaign to feel as if it belongs to all participating services as much as it does to our team. The tools in our Social Media and Promotion Kit are available for organisations to use to reinforce campaign messaging in their services and across their own communication platforms, and coordinate with official Words Grow Minds accounts.

We welcome services to use the brand assets in their own newsletters, social media and promotional materials, and have provided print files for displaying Words Grow Minds collateral in the community, as well as some handy guidelines for the use of all Words Grow Minds materials. 

For printing the locked PDFs

Some of these PDFs are large, detailed files and make take some minutes to fully load in Acrobat.

If you are having any difficulties viewing them correctly, please send them to your printer who will have the system requirements to open and view the files as they are intended to be viewed and printed.

For creating own content using the WGM assets supplied

New WGM marketing material must be created by a graphic designer, using the supplied WGM assets in the Social Media and Promotion Kit. Please familiarise yourself with the Words Grow Minds Branding Guidelines.

Before having your own Words Grow Minds marketing material created by a graphic designer, please provide the designer with the WGM Branding Guidelines to follow carefully. Please adhere to all colour values, spacing requirements for the logo and all other guidelines in this document.

New marketing material subject to a process of approval by the WGM team before printing, publishing or uploading. Please send your designs to or

Social Media Schedule (March 2024 – November 2024)

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