Words Grow Minds Professional Learning Course

Words Grow Minds offers a free Professional Learning Course to support and upskill anyone who works with very young children and families. Our unique course has been designed in collaboration with a range of early years specialists and service providers and it is underpinned by quality research and evidence. It aims to support practitioners across the sector in deepening their knowledge of early childhood development, boosting their confidence and building their skills in delivering Words Grow Minds messaging within early years programs and services. 

Words Grow Minds Professional Learning Course will: 

  • Incorporate and amplify the campaign messaging 
  • Build practitioner knowledge of early childhood development 
  • Provide examples and vignettes of practice for practitioners to engage with 
  • Promote culturally-responsive practices and a commitment to embedding First Nations perspectives  
  • Spotlight and showcase service providers and their offerings 
  • Build collaboration and networks across early childhood settings and service providers working with young children and their families 
  • Highlight ways of applying data 
  • Impact the practice of early childhood practitioners and service providers through improved knowledge of early childhood development and the early years   

The Words Grow Minds Professional Learning Course consists of eight modules:

  • Words Grow Minds
  • All About Early Childhood and Context
  • Talk
  • Play
  • Read
  • Sing
  • First Nations Perspectives (Coming Soon)
  • Reflective Practice for Impact

Learners will be able to dip in and out of the course, choosing which information is relevant to their practice, or complete all eight modules, and a corresponding assessment to earn a Words Grow Minds Professional Learning certificate.  

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