Read with your baby – Getting started

By Words Grow Minds January 23, 2024 11:32 pm

Reading aloud builds nurturing relationships, stimulates brain growth, and encourages language skills. Children who have someone read to them every day when they are very young learn to speak, read, and write more easily. Sharing stories can be lots of fun and introduces children to new words and sounds. It’s never too early (or too late) to start! 

Here’s a few simple tips to get you started! 

Snuggle up 

Hold your baby or position yourself close, so your baby can see your face and the book. 

Follow their lead 

You don’t have to read the words. Describe the pictures, ask questions, wonder, and imagine together. Keep books within your child’s reach and allow them to help you turn the pages.  

Read it again 

Read your child’s favourites often. Children love repetition – and it helps them learn! The more they hear the new words discovered in a book, the sooner they will understand their meaning.  

Read regularly  

Aim for 15 minutes a day. Try 5 minutes in the morning, in the afternoon and at bedtime. It all counts! Start small and build up as reading becomes part of your regular routine. 

Use your home language  

Always use the language you are most comfortable with. The more you read, the more the child’s language will grow. You could make up the story using the picture from an English book, or read books written in a language you are fluent in. 

Have fun 

Use different voices and facial expressions, change the tone as you read – be playful! Books are as much toys as anything else, have fun with them! 

Visit the library 

Join – it’s free! Spend time choosing books, reading together or join a free Storytime session and experience the joy of books with other families! 

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