Connecting and communicating

By Raising Children Network January 23, 2024 11:24 pm

0-6 months 

This short video shows a new parent connecting and communicating with her baby. It explains how talking and listening to young babies during everyday activities helps learning. Singing, reading aloud, cuddling, and holding baby close strengthens bonding and helps baby grow. 

7-17 months

Talking and communicating with babies is good for their development. It helps babies learn about language and talking. Listening and responding to babies is also great for your relationship. Communicating with babies is simple. For example, when your baby makes sounds, you can show interest by responding or copying the sound. And when you use words like ‘throw’, ‘put’ or ‘make’, you can do the actions to teach your baby what the words mean. 

18-35 months 

Talking and communicating with toddlers helps them learn and develop. Plenty of talking is also good for your child’s self-esteem and your relationship with your child. 

You can talk with your child as you do everyday things together. For example, talk about the size, colour and shape of household objects. It’s also great to get your child talking when you’re playing or reading together. For example, talk about what your child sees in picture books. Showing interest in what your child is doing encourages them to try new words too.